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Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card Department of Homeland Security U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Applicant InterviewedUSCIS Form I90 OMB No. 16150082 Expires 07/31/2019ReceiptAction
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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 485 hhc form
hello everybody I'm gonna show you how to fill out the form i-90 this is an application to replace your permanent resident card and is very easy you can do it yourself okay so in part one it says information about you the applicant in number one you're gonna pull your green card number you wanna find this number in your green card you enter it right here number two you s-cis online account number if any I don't have any number so I just leave it blank okay your full name note your car will be issued in this name so whatever name you put in this section that's how your green car is gonna be issued so three a family name with last name this is your last name in the 3v first name if you have middle name you put it over here in the 3c I don't have any soil even blink number four it says has your name legally changed since the issues of your permanent resident card so my name hasn't changed so I wanna mark this one right here and I gonna proceed to number six a six i but in case like if you have your name change so you can choose this one right there this one right here and proceed to items 5 a-m fight to fight see and then if you will not choose chose d what this one if your if you never receive your previous card and proceed to items 6 8 to 6 i but in this case are you gonna keep it right there okay continue provide your name exactly as it is printed on your current permanent resident card note attached all evidence of your legal curtain of your legal name change with this application okay so 5a you're going to enter the last name 5b you wanna enter the first name 5c you want to enter the middle name if any okay continue mailing address this is that the address you're gonna enter here is the address where you receive your mail okay 6a you live in length 6b you enter the number and the street and then the city or town in 6e you enter the state in this case will be with big California in the Sikh code six Jeju libitum bling 6h you live in blank 6i this is in USA United States physical address provide this information only if it's different than mailing address this is the mailing address if it's different then you write it here you know in the same town okay let's say yes that and then you enter here the zip code and you leave this blank the 7f blank the 7g playing the 7h the country you have to say where is this address at so let's say it's Mexico part-1 information about you continued additional information number a gender male or female in this case I'm a female so I leave it here number nine date of birth month day and year you wanna write down here your your date of birth okay number 10 city town village of bird where which city were you born in are you gonna say that I was born in Seoul ayah number 11 country of birth Mexico mother's name number 12 first name my mom they want to know my mom's name father's name number 13 giving name first name they want to know my dad's...